Cloud Computing

O3 Technologies Offers Cloud Computing Services.
With the Cloud Computing Services we supply to our customers a global, secured, controlled and optimize environment to run their corporate communication and business applications

Service Overview

  • The cloud is combined from central data centers to host our network equipment and central POPs across the globe
  • To connect a site to a cloud it is just a matter of setting an IPsec to our nearest POP.
  • The connectivity to the cloud can be done either on fiber/radio using local provide or using our satellite services.
  • We supply satellite services from 3 Teleports:
    • Rugby (UK) to cover Europe and Africa
    • Miami (US) to cover North and South America
    • Singapore to cover Asia and Australia.
  • The customer has a central control over all branches, applications, usage and security through the management portal.
Service advantages
  • Simple way than ever to create a global network with premium turn-key service.
  • Site set up in few hours after IP connectivity established
  • No need for expert on site for the site commencement.
  • Router on site with only thin functionality as all the services are within the cloud.
  • We can offer a pilot of one site first to check performances.
  • Flexibility in changes
  • Dashboard for data usage, protocols and application
  • Survivability as the service depends on the connectivity to the cloud only.
  • Fast connectivity to SaaS (Software as a Service) clouds with services like:  Rack space, Microsoft Azura ,Amazon ,Google Apps ,Sales force, Office 365
  • ADS service – acceleration of application by using optimization with the closest POP to the cloud and transfer of the information over the private network.