VSAT Satellite Broadband

Vsat Applications

O3 Technologies Limited  C-Band VSAT delivers a two-way, satellite connection for Internet access and other IP-based applications, such as streaming video, distance learning/training, and intranet/extranet access. This system offers unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee – no per-minute or per-megabyte download charges. It is easy to use and “always on.”

Applications Supported:

  • High-speed Internet, intranet and extranet access
  • Real-time multimedia streaming to the desktop
  • File Transfer
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Video conferencing
  • IP multicast and broadcast applications
  • Lots more.

Vsat Installation

O3 technologies® VSAT broadband services feature:

  • Bandwidth from 64 kbit/s and up to a full satellite transponder
  • True, customizable QoS integrated in VSAT platform and precisely matching client applications and connectivity requirements
  • FDMA (Traditional SCPC – Single Channel Per Carrier) and TDMA (iDirect Deterministic TDMA and MF-TDMA) channel access, delivering shared BIR and dedicated bandwidth, including static and dynamic CIR
  • Service Level Agreements with IP connectivity available virtually anywhere in the World
  • VSAT broadband satellite services full compatible most bandwidth management technology as well as o3 technologies Cloud Telephony Solutions and 3rd party VoIP service providers.